Sauteed Bitter Gourd | Recipe

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Sauteed Bitter Gourd Recipe.
Bitter gourds are very low in calories. 1 cup has only 16 calories and 3.9 grams of carbohydrates, which makes it a great food item for the ketogenic diet.

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Hard-Boiled Egg with Onion Chutney | Recipe

Egg- Ketogenic diet to reverse type 2 diabetes

Eggs are one of best ketogenic foods. They are very nutritious, cheap, and easy to prepare. Hard-Boiled Eggs with Onion Chutney is one way you can change the taste a bit and enjoy a delicious Indian dish.   Read about Ketogenic diet   What is Ketogenic Diet? A Beginner’s Guide to Ketogenic Diet Print Recipe Hard-boiled eggs […]

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